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In subsequent years, due to the growth of cities and then depopulation of business outside this area, the company has moved up to the current headquarters of Anzola Emilia, in the province of Bologna.

After Giorgio Leonardi's death, his son Fabio led the company until he died in 1987. He was the first to power the production. Today the company is still managed by family - including Mrs. Leonardi, Fabio's wife, and sons George and Barbara. The production was improved and has retained the functional characteristics of their products, which have been used as essential kitchen tools throughout the century in Italy and around the world.

Before the past advent of packaged tomato, it was tradition for all families to prepare the "conserva" (preserve) of tomato, an essential ingredient for many dishes of the Italian tradition. Even today this tradition remains alive in many parts of Italy and more and more people, even outside the country, rely on our machines for rediscovering traditional tastes.

You can also read the Leonardi History in its original Italian translation.

The Leonardi FamilyLeonardi Family PhotoIn this family photo you can see Giorgio Leonardi, son of the founder Fabio. Starting from the left(with double clear)a very young Fabio Leonardi, his son and father. At the center of the picture just to the left you see Giorgio's sister Serena Leonardi with the white jersey and the family dog. This photo is taken back from the late 1950's and is taken by the original Manufacturing Plant.
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A small glimpse into the history of the Leonardi family and the unique Italian tradition

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