<b>MR7 1 HP  Meat Grinder w/Powder Coated Steel Cover(Motor Only)</b>

MR7 1 HP Meat Grinder w/Powder Coated Steel Cover(Motor Only)

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Fabio Leonardi USA Presents the MR7 Meat Grinder (Motor Only)

FabioLeonardiUSA.com is the direct importer of Fabio Leonardi's legendary home and professional food preparation products. For tomato milling machines, meat grinders, sausage stuffers, and mixers there is no other choice for quality, reliability, and style. We know Fabio Leonardi, we ARE FabioLeonardiUSA.

The MR7 Meat Grinder is a wonderful device built with heavy duty meat grinding in mind. Great for hunters, butchers, chefs and families. The MR7 Meat Grinder is a good way to take your large quantities of meat, and give you fresh ground meat just like you find in stores but at a fraction of the cost. From beef, pork, fowl (chicken or turkey) or venison (deer meat) the MR7 is the way to grind it. So start grinding your meat to perfection, and order the MR7 570W Meat Grinder Motor today.Also suitable for mincing rind.

What does this mean to you?
This is an ideal medium-heavy duty meat grinding machine. Great for home use, small businesses, hunting clubs, restaurants and more.This meat grinder is designed to be the first and last one you ever buy.The proof of quality materials is in the weight and at 46 lbs. this is no light-weight contender.

MR7 Meat Grinder Machine Specifications

  • 1 Horse Power - 570 Watts
  • Double Threaded Screw Feeder
  • Heavy Cast Iron Neck Treated w/Special Resins - 3 1/2" Diameter Output
  • Large Stainless Feed Tray - 12" x 9" x 2" Depth
  • Permanently Lubricated Spheroidal Cast Iron Main Gear
  • Output Revolutions:110 per minute
  • Motor: Asynchronous with Condenser
  • Powder Coated Steel Cover
  • Forward And Reverse Switch
MR7 Meat Grinding Machine Operation

Place the meat already cut into small pieces into the funnel and push it inside the body of the machine using the pestle.The screw feeder, rotating about its axis, will push the meat towards the exit where it will be cut by the knife producing quality fresh ground meat.

Fabio Leonardi Manufacturer Info

Fabio Leonardi made the first tomato crusher in 1917. For over 80 years this practical, economical, safe and durable utensil has been distributed not just in Italy but all over the world and used not just to obtain tomato sauce but also for fruit and vegetable juices and purees. The models now produced by Leonardi recall this long tradition united with the improvements developed during the years that made these machines more functional and durable, with the natural evolution of the design. In the Leonardi production there are also meat-grinders for small and medium quantities, sacker machines, kneading machines and other accessories all connectable to the motors made by Fabio Leonardi.

Attachment Suggestions For The MR7 Meat Grinder Machine

  • SP5
  • TC22
  • Medium Sausage Stuffer
  • Large Sausage Stuffer

Cleaning and Maintenance of the MR7 Meat Grinding Machine

Do not run the machine empty. After usage wash all parts of the machine (consisting of 6 easy to disassemble parts) with water and mild detergent and dry thoroughly. The only maintenance besides cleaning after usage is keeping the drive unit lubricated (indicated in the instructions).

MR7 Meat Grinder Machine Accessory Compatibilities

You can use this same machine as a tomato miller. Our suggested attachment is the SP5 found in related items. This attachment should allow the appropriate amount of tomato milling as to not overwork the motor. Also look at the sausage stuffers, found in related items, as a great way to utilize pork, beef, deer, or any other type of meat you may have on hand and run through the milling attachment.

Factory Visit

As the premier distributor of Fabio Leonardo products in the USA I felt it was important to visit the factory and stand toe to toe with those that carry the commitment of quality in a company so rich in it's tradition of quality. I did just that in February of 2007 I saw the different generations tracing back the 99-year history of the company. The passion and commitment to quality was impressive. It wasn't that huge of a factory and probably looked a lot like it did for the last half century. It was a modest structure not far from the center of Bologna, Italy.

I personally consider Bologna to be the culinary capital of the world with all the influences of Tuscany and Italy centered in one point of heavenly bliss. The passionate affair with food in this region is probably why this company's products are world renown for quality and longevity. Originally this company was focused on the local growers in Tuscany, helping them bring their harvest to market and transform the succulent tomatoes of the region to what are now world famous culinary creations of that region.

From that passion for food grew a passion for quality that Fabio Leonardo has passed down through subsequent generations and that passion extends to every aspect of the manufacturing process. Although it was difficult to keep my eyes from glazing over when his grandson was talking about the perfect temperature and cooling cycle of the castings, how each type of metal is painstaking chosen, and the process of machining is so carefully monitored. You could tell that manufacturing quality was a passion of this man's soul. By the time he was talking about the perfect finish for each piece of all I could think about was the terrace at the cafe we were to sip Chianti and look at the panoramic view of Bologna in the valley below while enjoying our lunch. I had all the information I needed feeling assured that the tradition of quality that made this brand world-renowned was still alive and well in the psyche of the current management.

If you have a machine purchased from Cabelas we cannot guarantee this part will fit the machine nor have a way to determine fit through purchase year or model number. Any purchase of a part would follow our standard return policy if it will not work.

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MR7 1 HP Meat Grinder w/Powder Coated Steel Cover(Motor Only)

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