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Fabio Leonardi USA Presents the Large Sausage Stuffer

FabioLeonardiUSA.com is the direct importer of Fabio Leonardi's legendary home and professional food preparation products. For tomato milling machines, meat grinders, sausage stuffers, and mixers there is no other choice for quality, reliability, and style. We know Fabio Leonardi, we ARE FabioLeonardiUSA.

The large sausage stuffer machine by Fabio Leonardi is the ideal tool to make any type of sausage. It is simple enough for a first-time sausage stuffer and displays the quality expected of an experienced butcher, chef or hunter. The large sausage stuffer machine has two different settings to regulate and prevent the formation of air bubbles as the sausage is forming for the best possible product. The large stuffer is a great investment, processing large amounts of meat, saving time and allowing you to save money by purchasing in bulk.

Not all Sausage Stuffers are made the same

Fabio Leonardi USA wants you to be an aware consumer; some manufacturers take a short cut to creating the housing unit resulting in a seam where the container meets the stuffing tube. This seam can actually be a health hazard because raw meat can stick in this crevice. Take note: even if the unit appears finished on the exterior, the interior may still contain this seam. However, ALL Fabio Leonardi sausage stuffers do not contain this hazardous "short cut" manufacturing seem. Our housing units are seamless, molded stainless steel. You can take comfort in knowing that our sausage stuffers are quality created products just as the original founder envisioned.

Finally, you may notice Fabio Leonardi USA only carries traditional horizontal sausage stuffing units. Upon researching the differences between vertical and horizontal machines, we noticed that there were many complaints regarding the performance of vertical units. Specifically, it left meat in the bottom that didn't get pumped out. This creates waste and more cleaning. Fabio Leonardi USA believes in selling only the best quality product, so until vertical units meet our expectation- we won't carry them!

What does this mean to you?
A fantastic 16 lb. capacity really performs! It would work great in a restaurant/bistro setting, a family owned butcher shop or a hunting lodge.

Large Sausage Stuffer Machine Specifications

  • Safe for All Surfaces in Kitchen, No Electricity Required
  • Machine can be secured to a table thanks to the two clamps which are fitted in the side slots.
  • Piston and Gears are Easily Accessible for Greasing/De-Greasing
  • 2 Adjustable Speeds of Cranking for Optimum Sausage Production
  • Stuffing Piston has Practical Rubber Disc Topper with Cork and Pin to Regulate Amount of Air in Sausage
  • All Components are Removable and Washable
  • Made from stainless steel and mount aluminum reduction gear casing with polycarbonate bushes and galvanized steel gears.
  • Spring loaded pressure release valve on plunger to release air build up with easy removal via brass clevis pin for sanitary usage and cleaning.

Medium Sausage Stuffer Machine Operation

Insert the desired amount of sausage into the funnel, affix the handle to the slow gear, and crank. The sausage will be pushed through the machine and shaped at the exit of the stuffing tube. The sausage will then be ready for cooking or to be stored for future use.

Sausages are stuffed by cleaning the casing first. If you are planning to use natural casing, you must make sure that the casing is clean. Soak it in salt brine in order to prevent it from getting tough. For man-made casings, make sure that the case is clean and is ready for stuffing.

Next, place the casing in a bowl of warm water to keep it lubricated. This will make it easier once you place the casing in the stuffing horn. Always remember to choose the stuffing horn suited to the diameter and thickness of your casing.

Get the end of your casing and place its mouth in the stuffing horn. Do not forget to keep the casing wet throughout the stuffing process. Start stuffing the meat onto the casing. You can regulate the amount of meat that is stuffed in the casing to achieve how tightly you want to pack the sausage. To regulate the meat flow, place your thumb on the horn. By increasing and decreasing the pressure of your finger on the horn, you can easily regulate the flow of the meat.

It is important to remember that stuffing the sausage too tightly will cause the case to burst. However, a loosely packed sausage could also easily break the casing.

After stuffing the casing, you can tie the ends of the sausage, and begin to stuff another batch. You can make sausage links by twisting the sausage in each interval.

Hang the sausage and allow it to dry for a couple of hours. Hanging not only dries the newly stuffed sausage, it also allows the flavors to develop.

Fabio Leonardi Manufacturer Info

Fabio Leonardi made the first tomato crusher in 1917. For over 80 years this practical, economical, safe and durable utensil has been distributed not just in Italy but all over the world and used not just to obtain tomato sauce but also for fruit and vegetable juices and purees. The models now produced by Leonardi recall this long tradition united with the improvements developed during the years that made these machines more functional and durable, with the natural evolution of the design. In the Leonardi production there are also meat-grinders for small and medium quantities, sacker machines, kneading machines and other accessories all connectable to the motors made by Fabio Leonardi.

Included with the Large Sausage Stuffer Machine

  • 16 LB Capacity Large Stainless Steel Sausage Funnel
  • 2 Surface Clamps for Safety
  • Easy to Use Removable Handle
  • 2 Large and Small Opening Stuffing Tubes (Total of 4 sizes: 30mm, 25mm, 20mm, 10mm)for Accurate Processing
  • One year limited warranty

Cleaning and Maintenance of the Medium Sausage Stuffer Machine

Always clean the machine before and after use. The detachable parts can also be washed separately with mild soap and water. The only maintenance required is the occasional lubrication of the gears. This can be done with olive or corn oil. Note: Try to avoid direct contact of the meat with the gears. In the case that it does occur do not use that meat under any circumstances.

Factory Visit

As the premier distributor of Fabio Leonardo products in the USA I felt it was important to visit the factory and stand toe to toe with those that carry the commitment of quality in a company so rich in it's tradition of quality. I did just that in February of 2007 I saw the different generations tracing back the 99-year history of the company. The passion and commitment to quality was impressive. It wasn't that huge of a factory, and probably looked a lot like it did for the last half century. It was a modest structure not far from the center of Bologna, Italy.

I personally consider Bologna to be the culinary capital of the world with all the influences of Tuscany and Italy centered in one point of heavenly bliss. The passionate affair with food in this region is probably why this company's products are world renown for quality and longevity. Originally this company was focused on the local growers in Tuscany, helping them bring their harvest to market and transform the succulent tomatoes of the region to what are now world famous culinary creations of that region.

From that passion for food grew a passion for quality that Fabio Leonardo has passed down through subsequent generations and that passion extends to every aspect of the manufacturing process. Although it was difficult to keep my eyes from glazing over when his grandson was talking about the perfect temperature and cooling cycle of the castings, how each type of metal is painstaking chosen, and the process of machining is so carefully monitored. You could tell that manufacturing quality was a passion of this mans soul. By the time he was talking about the perfect finish for each piece of all I could think about was the terrace at the cafe we were to sip Chianti and look at the panoramic view of Bologna in the valley below while enjoying our lunch. I had all the information I needed feeling assured that the tradition of quality that made this brand world-renowned was still alive and well in the psyche of the current management.




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Fabio Leonardi Large Sausage Stuffer Machine made in Italy

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